Long lasting antiperspirant foot treatment
Peusek is a deodorant foot treatment that controls excess sweat from glands that can be regulated without hindering normal perspiration and eliminating the odour caused by decomposition.
Sweat is composed of nearly 99% water, with undissolved substances such as salts, urea or lactic acid. Their decomposition is causing the odour.
Peusek formula contains natural ingredients: bamboo, sage and horsetail. Contains no aluminium and is free of allergens and parabens. Its effect lasts for weeks.
In just a few minutes, you get several weeks of protection against excessive foot secretion.
Instructions for use:
  • Sprinkle the contents of sachet 1 of Peusek antiperspirant bath in water and put it on your feet.
  • Rub and wash your feet with the product.
  • Apply the contents of sachet 2 and massage onto dry feet.
  • Leave to act.


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