Epitact Rigid Bunion Corrector – night use

Relieves night-time joint pain and slows the malformation.

Hallux valgus (bunions) are a bony bump that forms at the base of your big toe and can occur when pressure on the joint causes the toe to tilt inwards. Epitact hallux valgus night bunion corrector is for use during the night whilst sleeping and allows you to correct and limit the development of the hallux valgus whilst providing relief from joint pain.

The patented design of the brace is soft and ultra-fine with thermo-forming technology that is easily adjustable* and can be left on while you sleep. The thermo-forming reinforcement corrects the axis of the big toe to limit the contraction of ligaments during the night. The recess opposite the bunion reduces pressures, frictions and relieves the pain of contact with sheets and mattresses.

* Thermo-forming: Once immersed in hot water it becomes flexible and able to take the shape of the foot and then hardens and becomes rigid within a few minutes.

Features of Epitact hallux valgus night bunion corrector

  • Flexible bunion brace that can be worn at night
  • Helps to alleviate pain and slow malformation
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Distributes and relieves pain
  • Easy to use with a perfect hold
  • Light and low-profile
  • Can be reshaped to fit

Sizing: measure the circumference of your foot behind the bunion.

Small – 20<21,5cm. 7.9<8.5 in.

Medium – 21,5<23cm. 8.5<9.1in.

Large – 23<24,5cm. 9.1<9.6 in.


Epitact Rigid Bunion Corrector – night use

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