Orthotics are customised medical devices that you wear inside your shoes. Their purpose is to influence the functional and structural characteristics of the body’s skeletal and neuromuscular system. Orthotics are generally prescribed by a podiatrist to assist with foot pain caused by various medical conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and plantar fasciitis. 

TOG GaitScan

A comprehensive gait assessment allows us to determine if your feet are having a negative impact on the way you stand, walk, run and move. Custom orthotics play an important role in reducing stress and strain on the body by restoring a natural balance. 

We have been using the TOG system for over 15 years for gait analysis and prescription. It is a highly informative aid. This, together with a physical examination and lifestyle considerations is what helps us prescribe custom orthotics. 

What is overpronation?

What conditions can orthotics help?