Athlete’s Foot And Fungal Nail Infection

Athlete’s foot and fungal nail infection in the skin that usually presents between the 4th and 5th toe but if not treated may spread to all and across the sole of the foot.  

It is usually treated with topical creams or sprays very successfully.  Quite contagious, it can be picked up in gyms, around swimming pools, indeed in any communal area.  Those with sweaty feet will be more prone to infection however it is also quite common in those who wear sandals where very dry skin can lose its natural oil and be infected. 


Fungal infection can also occur in nails.  It is best to treat it  as soon as it is detected, again, over the counter topical solutions can be applied. Prescription, topical or oral medication can be prescribed by your G.P. or indeed Laser treatment may be the preferred option depending on how far the infection has progressed.  We will be happy to advise on the most suitable treatment.

Lunula Laser

Lunula cold laser therapy works through a rotating dual laser system. The violet laser kills the fungus whilst the red laser promotes circulation and improves immune response. Lunula therapy provides a safe, effective, pain-free way of treating fungal nail infections with a success rate of up to 87%. Learn more about Lunula……